1. Develop an efficient management system Focus on the achievement of the organization by using information and communication technology.
2. Create a school curriculum that is suitable for students. Parents and communities
3. Organize activities to promote and develop the ability of students according to the potential of each individual, physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, and intellectually. Have good and courageous human relations Show off appropriately
4. Organize learning process That focuses on Thai language English and Chinese for communication, allowing students to have direct experience from foreign teachers.
5. Management of integrated learning with emphasis on students
6. Organize buildings, locations, and teaching laboratories in the classroom atmosphere and environment to facilitate teaching and learning management.
7. Organize activities for students to maintain health Knowing to avoid addiction and vices
8. Give parents and communities the opportunity to participate in school activities
9. Organize learning activities to encourage students to have a habit of reading, and creative.
10. Organize support activities Have student discipline, morality, ethics, are skilled and have desirable characteristics of the curriculum Accept various cultural differences
11. Recruiting and selecting personnel with knowledge and skills that match their responsibilities.
12. Arrange training for internal, external And encourage teachers to develop knowledge Learning process skills and morality and ethics